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Becoming Fluent in LEAP – How to Get to Partnering - Book 2 of the LEAP Series

Becoming Fluent in LEAP – How to Get to Partnering - Book 2 of the LEAP Series

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This book was written because countless readers of I am Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help! have told me that LEAP has worked for them to repair relationships, but they still stumble and don’t know how to get to the “Partner” phase.

They want to know how to use LEAP to influence behavior change such as acceptance of treatment. They forget to reflectively listen, or how to delay giving contrary hurtful opinion, or how to give their opinion using the LEAP method. They are not fluent in LEAP and, as a result, have trouble getting to partnering.

In the stories you will read in this book you will see how many were able to get to the partnering stage. The stories range from using LEAP with your child to using it in business relationships. You may ask: Why the wide range? The reason is because becoming fluent in LEAP, just like learning any foreign language, requires immersion.

You can’t just read a single book or attend one of my seminars and expect to become fluent. By seeing how many people have used LEAP in many different situations, you will begin to internalize the language of this approach.

“With this book, you can...find the best way to move forward without burning bridges.” --Jeffrey J. Fox - Author of How to Become a Rainmaker

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